Product concept design, engineering and promo content creation.
I designed the kitchen collection line: a niche, high-end, customizable product for modern homes. The product’s purpose is to help people organize their kitchen space in the most efficient way, and to hide the visual clutter in the kitchen.

My role was to analyze user needs, research design trends, create the concept, engineer the product, and oversee the prototype manufacturing process. I also managed the production of the marketing content.
About the project
Product design
Project management
Video production
Product explainer video
It is advisable to watch the video with the sound turned on—for better comprehension.
The creative process
I facilitated brainstorming sessions with the stakeholders to share ideas about the product. During our discussions, the initial concept of the enclosed kitchen cabinet was suggested and sketched. The cabinetry collection had to be designed from the materials and fittings available for procurement in small quantities. Such an approach was selected to allow for on-demand product manufacturing.
We defined the product MVP and laid out the scope necessary for the product deployment. The cabinet range, the production technology, and sourcing opportunities were proposed and discussed. The project roadmap was presented, composed of the concept development, 3D engineering design, assembly manual design, manufacturing partner sourcing and management, and promo content production.

Project goals

Project scope

I talked to architects, homeowners, and fitting experts to understand the problems they come across. I asked open-ended questions about their needs and preferences regarding kitchen planning and assembly, food preparation, and storage habits. I have also reflected on my previous extensive experience in custom kitchen cabinetry design. I have narrowed down the information to essential points, and defined the direction for the product concept development.
User research
I explored kitchen design trends and analyzed competing modern space-saving kitchen cabinetry. I deep-dived into researching innovations of kitchen materials and fittings. Then, I combined the insights with the user research results and created the draft drawings of the product concept.
Concept design
Design engineering

I worked on finding the best engineering solutions to bring the concept to life. I proposed ideas for the cabinets' structure, and tested them through rapid prototyping. I designed the kitchen modules to be easily resizable and customizable and laid a product line expansion possibility. Researched, sourced, and tested fittings for the modules—including sliding systems, electrical sockets, and smart-home lighting solutions. I created a manufacturing-ready 3D model of the prototype.

I have put the extra focus on designing access points to enclosed functional elements from inside the modules—for easy maintenance and repair. Considered the necessity of replacing most of the product parts, in case of a damage during the exploitation. This step has made the product serviceable and prepared for the extended warranty.
Design for maintenance
I created the assembly manuals for each module type, to map out the most logical sequence of installation, and thus accelerate the assembly of the prototype.
Assembly manuals
I sourced material suppliers and component manufacturers and negotiated contract terms and conditions. I liaised with the partners on the kitchen cabinets', fronts', countertops' production, and coordinated the adherence to the technical specification of the product.
Sourcing &
Project management
I managed the production and the assembly of the prototype, acting as the primary curator and point of contact between the client, the suppliers, and the installation specialists.
Video & photo production

I wrote the script, designed the set, and managed the video and photo shooting process to create the promotional content.

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