with a knack for content writing and brand strategy.

I am a UX/UI designer—

I design purposeful products and websites.
I research and analyze user needs, and create product and website designs based on extracted insights. I aim to solve the design problems in the most apposite way.
My expertise
I deep dive into companies’ fields of expertise, generate vocabularies with humanized industry terms and phrases, and write digestible informative content for websites and social media.
Brand strategy
I help companies with positioning—analyze the target market and the competition, discover the niche and create the public image. I craft vision and mission statements and construct brand personalities.
I think of myself as the designer-mediator between the people and the businesses. In my work, I masterfully combine essential elements to concurrently meet the users' needs and the companies' objectives.
I synthesise user needs with business goals
During my career, I have set the vision for products, performed design assignments, guided the teams of professionals, and created design systems. I apply my broad skill-set, ranging from strategy development to perfecting details in design and writing, daily in my work.


About me
When I was a teenager, I had plenty of creative hobbies―including drawing, blogging, photography, and dancing.

My father bought me my first PC when I was eleven years old, which prompted me to develop a passion for web design. I created my first website for a local gaming community and found great pleasure in that endeavor.

I was a curious and a perfectionistic kid, determined to figure things out on my own and to develop the skills necessary to complete my projects.
What intrigues me
Being very intrigued by the human condition, I learn about our cognition, behavior, and consciousness through literature, and books on psychology and philosophy.

I am a dedicated audiophile with a particular pull toward classical and instrumental music. I also thoroughly enjoy modern art and art-house cinematography.

I love exploring cities and the natural landscapes of the world. In this way, I gather new perspectives on culture, life, and existence.

When I was young

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